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Welcome to Sierra Classics

18th May 2003

Only a minor update today. I've not added any new games, but I have added a load of box covers (about 20). You'll find a lot of them in the Apple ][ games section which well deserves a look anyway as most of the games are only a few kilobytes. I've also fixed a few dead links, so if any of you were struggling to download Airbucks before, it's ok now.

I still do not have enough webspace to host all the games listed on this site. I aim to rectify this problem within one or two weeks, but for now, the following games are unavailable for download:

Gobliins 2, Goblins 3, King's Quest 5, King's Quest 6, Outpost, Pepper's Adventures in Time, Rise of the Dragon, Space Quest 4, Space Quest 5.

In about a fortnight, I will have secured another 200Mb of webspace, so all should be well by then. Apologies for any inconvinience.

Renegade Master

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